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  • Plush Memory Foam Bath Rug

Plush Memory Foam Bath Rug

Indulge in spa-like comfort at home with our Plush Memory Foam Bath Rug. Crafted with three-quarter-inch thick memory foam, it contours to your body's shape, providing unique support to soothe achy muscles and eliminate pressure on your feet.


Top Selling Features

Color: Grey is most common for bath rugs; Black and White are also popular, with vibrant colors like Pink, Green, and Purple as occasional options.
Features: Highly Absorbent, Machine Washable, Non-Slip, and Quick Dry features are in demand; comfort is key with terms like Plush, Shaggy, and Soft often seen.
Material: Microfiber, Chenille, and Memory Foam lead, valued for softness and absorption; Cotton is less common, suggesting a shift towards quick-drying synthetics.


Market Insights
Average Monthly Unit Sold: 10,000 Units
Average Selling Price to End Users: $12.56
Search Trend: 30 days search trend show a 6% increase
Keyword Searches: Over 67,000 searches on Amazon in the past 30 days for "Bath rug."

Product Recommendation: Bath rug memory foam has seen a rise in search trends of 11 % in the past 30 days, and is in demand all year round. 

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