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  • Ribbon Magnetic Closure Box

Ribbon Magnetic Closure Box

Easy to assemble and clean, this box comes with a bonus ribbon for added flair. Its lovely design allows for customization and enhances the presentation of your gifts, making it ideal for various occasions such as Mother's Day, weddings, or special events.


Top Selling Features

Color: Black and White dominate; Pink and Gold target personalization.
Dimensions: 4"x4"x4" and 3"x3"x2" are common; larger sizes like 6"x6"x16" also used.
Features: Magnetic closures are popular; foldability and reusability are key for eco-friendly premium options.
Material: Paper and Kraft are preferred for eco-friendliness; Plastic meets clear-box needs.


Market Insights
Average Monthly Unit Sold: 1,000 Units
Average Selling Price to End Users: $15.08
Search Trend: 30 days search trend show a 4% increase
Keyword Searches: Over 40,000 searches on Amazon in the past 30 days for "Bridesmaid proposal box".

Product Recommendation: Bridesmaid proposal box has seen a rise in search trends of 4% in the past 30 days, with demand all year round.

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