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  • School Bus Shaped Metal Pencil Box

School Bus Shaped Metal Pencil Box

Get ready to add a fun twist to your child's school essentials with our School Bus Shaped Metal Pencil Box! Crafted in a charming pink color, this pencil box resembles a school bus, complete with moving wheels that kids can play with like a car.


Top Selling Features

Color: Black and Multicolor are preferred; Transparent for practicality.
Material: EVA leads for its lightness and maintenance; Metal and PVC for durability and style.
Features: Organizers and Multiple Compartments are in demand; themes like 'Space Theme', 'Cute', '3D', and 'Cartoon' are popular.


Market Insights
Average Monthly Unit Sold: 1,000 Units
Average Selling Price to End Users: $9.68
Search Trend: 30 days search trend show a 6% increase
Keyword Searches: Over 22,000 searches on Amazon in the past 30 days for "Pencil cases."

Product Recommendation: Cute pencil cases for girls has seen a rise in search trends of 34% in the past 30 days, with very low competition.

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