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  • Travel Jewelry Organizer Case

Travel Jewelry Organizer Case

Featuring a soft interior lining, padded cushion, and unique design with snaps and fastening strap to keep necklaces untangled, this Jewelry Organiser offers multifunctional storage with pouches, pockets, and detachable holders for earrings and rings.


Top Selling Features

Color: Pink is the top color choice for jewelry organizers, with classic Black a close second; Green, Blue, and Red are less common but offer niche appeal.
Features: Portability, foldable and roll designs, and transparent and zip closures are in demand, with both large and mini sizes valued.
Material: Velvet leads for luxury; Leather signifies durability, while Silk, Brocade, and Canvas are unique but less common.


Market Insights
Average Monthly Unit Sold: 3,000 Units
Average Selling Price to End Users: $16.24
Search Trend: 30 days search trend show a 29% increase for jewelry organizers and storage
Keyword Searches: Over 100,000 searches on Amazon in the past 30 days for "Jewelry organizers and storage."

Product Recommendation: Jewelry travel organizer has seen a rise in search trends of 8% in the past 30 days, with demand all year round.

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