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  • Traveler Backpack

Traveler Backpack

The Traveler Backpack combines large capacity storage with smart features like a USB charging port, headphone access, and anti-theft lock, all wrapped in durable, water-resistant fabric for secure and comfortable daily use.


Top Selling Features

Capacity: 40L balances space and portability; 25L signals premium small backpacks.

Color: Black is versatile; grey and pink target niches.

Features: Tech compartments and anti-theft materials meet security and utility needs.


Market Insights
Average Monthly Unit Sold: 2,000 Units 
Average Selling Price to End Users: $22.30
Search Trend: 30 days search trend show a 18% increase
Keyword Searches: Over 300,000 searches on Amazon in the past 30 days for "Travel Bag."

Product Recommendation: 
Small travel backpack has seen a rise in search trends of 18% in the past 30 days, with moderate competition.

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